sit [ sıt ] (past tense and past participle sat [ sæt ] ) verb ***
▸ 1 rest lower body on something
▸ 2 be in situation etc.
▸ 3 be in particular place
▸ 4 meet in committee etc.
▸ 5 be model
▸ 6 take care of children
▸ 7 take an examination
1. ) intransitive to be in a position in which the lower part of your body rests on a seat or the ground, while the upper part of your body is upright:
sit on a chair/bench/stool: Matt sat on a park bench, eating his lunch.
sit in: They were sitting in a café drinking coffee.
sit at a table/desk/computer: I was sitting at my computer when the phone rang.
sit next to someone: I usually sit next to Andrew in history class.
sit together: My friends and I like to sit together in the cafeteria.
sit around: Six of us were sitting around the table talking.
sit side by side: We sat side by side in the back seat.
sit still: Sit still while I tie your hair, Lucy.
just sit there (=not do anything): Are you going to just sit there, or are you going to help me?
a ) sit or sit down intransitive to lower your body into a sitting position:
He sat right on the cake.
b ) transitive to put someone into a sitting position:
Joanna sat the child on her lap and read him a story.
2. ) intransitive to be in a particular situation or condition for a period of time:
I ended up sitting in traffic for over an hour.
They sat in silence, unable to look at each other.
3. ) intransitive to be in a particular place:
The house sits on top of a hill overlooking the countryside.
The cans looked as though they had been sitting on the shelf for months.
4. ) intransitive to be a member of a committee or other official group:
She sits on the boards of several large companies.
a ) when a legislature, a court of law, or a committee sits, it has an official meeting
5. ) intransitive to be a model for a painter or photographer:
sit for: She earns money sitting for artists.
6. ) intransitive sit for INFORMAL to BABYSIT:
I'm sitting for the Richardsons tomorrow night.
7. ) transitive BRITISH to take an examination:
I'm sitting my French exam tomorrow.
not sit well/right with someone
if something someone does or says does not sit well with you, you do not agree with it or do not like it:
Her remarks at dinner didn't sit well with some of the guests.
sit at the feet of someone
to learn from someone famous
sit in judgment
to criticize someone, especially when you have no right to do so:
sit in judgment on/over: What right have you to sit in judgment on me?
sit tight INFORMAL
to stay where you are, or not take action until the right time:
Just sit tight I'll be right back.
We've decided to sit tight and not sell the house yet.
sit up and take notice
to start paying attention:
I'm hoping my speech will make people sit up and take notice.
sitting pretty
in a very good position:
With two platinum records, the group is sitting pretty right now.
,sit a`round phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
sit around something to spend time doing nothing:
Are we going to sit around all night, or shall we go out?
Since Dad lost his job he just sits around the house all day.
,sit `back phrasal verb intransitive
to relax and stop making the effort to do something:
I can't afford to sit back with the tournament coming up.
,sit `by phrasal verb intransitive
to take no action when something bad is happening:
Are we just going to sit by and watch them take over the company?
,sit `down phrasal verb intransitive
same as SIT 1A:
We were tired so we decided to sit down for a while.
Please, sit down and make yourselves comfortable.
a. sit yourself down INFORMAL to make yourself comfortable in a chair:
Why don't you sit yourself down? We'll do the cleaning.
,sit `in phrasal verb intransitive
if people sit in, they take part in a SIT-IN
,sit `in for phrasal verb transitive
sit in for someone to take the place of someone temporarily:
I'll be sitting in for the secretary at the meeting tonight.
,sit `in on phrasal verb transitive
sit in on something to go to a meeting or a class although you are not directly involved in it:
Do you mind if I sit in on your class this afternoon?
`sit ,on phrasal verb transitive
sit on something to delay dealing with something:
They've been sitting on my application for over a month now.
,sit `out phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to stop doing something for a period of time:
I'm tired, so I think I'll sit out the next dance.
2. ) to stay until the end of something, especially something unpleasant:
I know it's boring, but we're just going to have to sit it out.
`sit ,through phrasal verb transitive
sit through something to stay until the end of something, especially if you are not enjoying it:
If I have to sit through one more boring meeting, I think I'll scream.
,sit `up phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive to go from a lying position to a sitting position, or to help someone do this:
Would you like to sit up and read for a while?
We sat her up in a chair.
2. ) intransitive to sit straight and not bend or lean:
sit up straight: You've got to stop slouching and sit up straight.
3. ) intransitive BRITISH to go to bed later than usual:
We sat up very late talking last night.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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